Local Projects

Current Projects

New Planter on Wharf Road 

We are very pleased to see the installation of a new planter on Wharf Road adjacent to the bridge over the River Bain.  Earlier in 2019, the Town Council asked if any Society members would wish to undertake maintenance of an additional planter to enhance the town and, if so, where they would like it placed. Ashleigh Bird offered to carry out the maintenance and specified the above site.  The palnter was duly installed in July 2019 with initial planting by the Town Council, but Ashleigh will now continue to maintain and plant it on behalf of the Society.

This planter is an addition to the planters on West Street and Jubilee Way which are maintained by Mr & Mrs Hieatt and Mrs Paige.  In addition, the hanging planters on the High Street are also maintained by Mr  Mrs Hieatt.  The Town Council staff help with the watering. 

Mareham Le Fen booklet

Two books of notes were donated to the Society recording life in Mareham Le  Fen from the 1920's onwards.  They were just ad hoc memories and in no particular order but very evocative of those times. The memories could relate to any small community at that time with lots of shops and small businesses and the church being the mainstay for many people.

The project is well under way to put these notes into some sort of order without losing the simplicity of the original memories. We are currently trying to obtain some photographs of the family involved and hope to publish this year.  


Saving Horncastle's Roman Wall

The Society is working in partnership with the Horncastle & District Community Association to preserve the Roman Wall around the Community Centre and St Mary's Square. A detailed specialist survey has been carried out by Dr David Watt of the wall's condition and costed the works required to save it. This complex and specialist work is estimated to cost c.£100,000.

In December 2018 we submitted a grant application to Historic England, which if successful will cover 90% costs. However, in order for them to invest this public money we need to show that we can raise £10,000 in match funding. One of the main aims of the Society this year is to raise the rest of the funds needed to enable the conservation work to start. To do this we are applying to various grant giving organisations. We have also launched a 'Sponsor a Stone' campaign, which has already helped us to raise over £1,000.

You can help save Horncastle's Roman Wall by sponsoring a stone for just £10. All you need to do is download and return a sponsorship form, or alternatively you can now donate easily and securely online using our just giving page. For every £10 donated we can ask Historic England to contribute £90, giving us £100 towards the vital work needed to save this nationally important monument from collapse and decay.

PDF Download Download Sponsorship Form
Click to download -- Sponsor a Stone Form

Pig Market Sculptures 

The area of The Wong adjacent to the Old Drill Hall was the site of the Pig Market and still contains the old weighing machine. The area has been allowed to fall into disrepair and is a blemish on the Boston Road entry into the town. The Society is investigating installing some sculptures (similar to the horse sculptures) depicting the Pig market and the people attending. A great deal of invetigative work has been done by Dr Lawrence and a report produced. Planning permission will be needed as this is in the conservation area.  Funding will also have to be sought and expenditure is estimated as being in the region of £10,000.

Anyone interested in getting involved please contact the Chairman.

Information Boards/artwork/guide

Over the past few years many attempts have been made to provide improved tourist guide information around the town. This is still ongoing but does require some involvement of members to enable it to go ahead as the work needs input from several people. One of these ideas could be very interesting to work on.

The 'Walkers are Welcome' Group are now involved in this project and intend to put about 6 information borads around the town.  The have asked for help from the society on the historical content. Please get in touch with the Chairman if you feel you could help.


Ongoing Projects and Work of the Society 

Maintenance and provision of flowers in planters on West Street and Jubilee Way plus hanging baskets on the High Street, in collaboration with the Town Council.

Archive Centre - continual work on catalouging and preserving documents which provide the history of the town.

Re-instatement of Rivercare - cleaning work regularly undertaken

Maintaining Website and other social media sites


Other Projects Under Consideration

Further Horse Statues  

Wildlife Areas Identification

Tree Survey

Identification of Buildings of Local Importance for registration with ELDC 

Public Art on Post Office wall on St Lawrence Street & on Achurch Alley

Updating the Town Walk leaflet


Exciting Projects

An indication of the wide range of projects that the society is involved with.

All ideas from members are considered by the Society and funding can be sought.